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San Diego Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service.

Hardwood floors offer an earthy, warm beauty for your space. They’re durable, look great, and hold up very well in high-traffic scenarios. With regular care and maintenance, your wood floors will look great and last decades. For regular maintenance, the use of a dry dust mop and vacuum with floor attachment will help to maintain the appearance of your wood flooring. By cleaning your hardwood floors weekly you’ll prevent scratching and an overall dirty appearance.

While regular dust mopping and vacuuming will keep your floors maintained, they will not remove the dirt and grime that has been ground into your wood flooring.  In order to get beneath the layer of dust, dirt, and pet hair on the surface of your wood flooring, you will need to use a safe cleaning solution and scrub to get the embedded contaminants out of your flooring.

Despite their durability, cleaning your hardwood flooring with any type of liquid can be a risky process if you’re not aware of the manufacturers cleaning guidelines, the finish applied to your floors or general hardwood cleaning practices. By using too much water, or not completely drying your floors after mopping, the chances of your floors beginning to “cup” increase exponentially. Cupping is a term used to describe the process of liquid penetrating your wood flooring, causing portions of the flooring to swell.

If water makes its way between the wood planks the sides of the planks will begin to rise, causing an uneven surface throughout your space which can only be fixed by replacing the planks or sanding your floors. Other dangers include accidentally stripping the finish on your flooring, which will leave your floors unprotected, dull, and exposed to the elements. At Floor Cleaner Fred our technicians have been fully trained in properly cleaning, drying, and protecting your hardwood floors. Additionally, we have devised a hardwood floor cleaning process that allows us to provide you a long-lasting clean that will not result in lingering moisture or damage to your floors.

Wood floor cleaning process

At Floor Cleaner Fred we take additional steps to ensure that our cleaning process is both safe and effective. By taking the extra precautions we ensure that no damage is done to your wood flooring during the cleaning process.

Step 1: Dust mopping and vacuuming your wood flooring.

As simple as it may seem, this step is actually one of the most important steps in our floor cleaning procedure. Our hardwood cleaning technician will do a detailed dry mopping of your floor, ensuring that all of the dust, dirt, hair and foreign materials have been removed from the surface of your floors. Following the initial dust mopping the technician will follow up with a vacuum to ensure that particles between the planks of your wood flooring have been removed completely. If this initial step is not done properly, the remaining dirt and materials can scratch your flooring or cause damage later in the process.

Step 2: Mask off transitions between wood flooring and other materials.

Floor Cleaner Fred offers a variety of floor cleaning services for different floor covering materials including carpet cleaning , and tile cleaning. For each surface that we work with, Floor Cleaner Fred has devised a cleaning strategy to maximize the outcome of our work. Preventing these processes from overlapping ensures that there is no damage done to the flooring, and to maximizes our ability to completely clean the various surface types. Prior to using any solutions or scrubbing on your wood flooring, our technician will ensure that any transitions to different floor surfaces have been completely masked off.

Step 3: Wood floor cleaning solution application.

The technician will apply a safe, natural, cleaning solution to your wood flooring in small areas to ensure that there is no excess liquid on your flooring for extended periods of time, which prevents the possibility of damage and ensures a detailed, deep clean.

Step 4: Low-speed floor scrubbing.

Once all the surface debris is removed, the area is masked, and a cleaning solution has been applied, our technician will begin to scrub your floors, getting beneath the surface level, breaking up ground-in dirt, dust, and grime from the crevices in your flooring. Our cleaning equipment is specifically designed to be both safe and effective, it allows us to use a slow 175rpm orbital motion that will break up hardened debris without causing scratching or swirling on the surface of your floors.

Dirt and contaminants can become embedded in the finish on the surface of your flooring. By removing this layer all of the debris that once gave your floor a dull or dirty appearance will be removed.

Step 5: Removing the old finish and debris.

Once the flooring has been completely scrubbed and all of the debris and old finishing product has been stripped, our technician will begin to extract the old material using our Gekko hard surface wand and a squeegee attachment.

Step 6: Drying out your wood flooring.

Using a dry mop and high-powered drying fans, our technician will remove any remaining moisture from your wood flooring. Any excess liquid that is left behind can begin to cause damage, including cupping, mildew, or mold growth, and it will prevent your floors from looking great and lasting as long as they should. Our technicians will ensure that we do not move on to the next step in this process until your floors are completely dry and ready to be finished.

Step 7: Applying a finish to your wood flooring.

Once your flooring has been completely cleaned, stripped, and dried, the technician will begin the hardwood refinishing process. You will be given the choice of a gloss or satin finish for your hardwoods. Applying a finish to your floors will not only ensure that they look new, but this process also protects your flooring from the elements. Our technician will apply 1-2 coats depending on the requirements of your flooring material, allowing for a proper setting time between applications.

Hardwood Floor Stripping

In addition to cleaning and refinishing, our hardwood floor cleaning process includes stripping the finish that was applied to your flooring when it was installed or when it was last cleaned. When you book with Floor Cleaner Fred you’re getting a full-service hardwood floor cleaning and restoration including a deep clean, stripping the old finish, and applying a beautiful new finish to your flooring.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If your wood flooring has become dingy or dull, you may be looking for wood floor refinishing surfaces. Our complete wood floor cleaning process entails not only cleaning your floor but also completely stripping the old finish from your flooring and refinishing your wood flooring. We offer both a gloss and satin finish, depending on the type of flooring that you have we will apply 1-2 coats to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful finish for your hardwood flooring.

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Finding Quality Wood Floor Cleaning Services in San Diego

Often times customers spend hours looking for the best company by combing through Yelp, Google, and sites like Home Advisor. We’re proud to have 5-star reviews on all of these review sites! All of our 5-star reviews are from real hardwood cleaning and floor care customers. We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout San Diego County and we cannot wait for you to become our next happy customer willing to leave us a 5-star review!

If a customer is ever unsatisfied with the work that we perform, which doesn’t happen very often, we do what it takes to make it right and ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with our work!

Green Hardwood Cleaning and Eco-Friendly Wood Floor Cleaning

We do not use harmful chemicals, and we abide by eco-friendly hardwood floor cleaning practices. Our products have a Green Balance logo on them which constitutes that they meet specific environmental requirements. Meaning that when you call Floor Cleaner Fred to clean your wood flooring or carpets you do not need to be concerned with the introduction of harsh chemicals into your carpets that will harm your kids, pets, and/or the environment.

I’m ready to book my wood floor cleaning services, what do I do?

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