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The Best Tile, Stone, and Grout Cleaning Service.

Tile floors, countertops, and back splashes all add a level of elegance to any home or business, they look great, they hold up to daily wear and tear, and they remain beautiful for years. While tile may be a great choice, it can be very difficult to keep your tile looking great. Build up of dirt and contaminants will slowly start to fill the seams between your floor tiles and cause your grout to become discolored, if you have tile counters or a tile back splash you'll find that it can be a chore to keep food and drinks from discoloring both the grout and tile.

If you're tired of looking at dirty tile floors, or counters, then you should give Floor Cleaner Fred a call, we offer professional tile cleaning services throughout San Diego County, and our expert technicians and industry leading truck mount powered equipment will be able to restore your tile floors, tile counters, or back splash to their original glory.

Why hire a San Diego tile and stone cleaning service?

Tile, stone, and grout cleaning takes more effort than a simple pass of a mop or sponge over your surfaces with basic household cleaning products. After dirt and grime have covered your tile and filled your grout, removing the contaminants can be very difficult. This is because both natural tile and grout are porous, much like skin they contain tiny little holes that will become clogged, once clogged the grime will begin to harden in layers, leaving your tile and grout looking discolored and dull.

While you could spend hours attempting grout cleaning on your own with a toothbrush and your favorite cleaning solutions, or trying to restore the shine to your tile or stone using off the shelf tile cleaners, in many cases without the use of professional equipment, your tile and grout will remain discolored.

When you hire a professional tile, stone, and grout cleaning company, such as Floor Cleaner Fred, you're going to receive much better results! We have years of experience transforming discolored and dull stone, tile, and grout surfaces, we use the best equipment available, and we're able to get into the pores of your sone, tile, and grout, leaving your tile clean and your grout looking like new.

Man-Made and Natural Tile Cleaning

There are thousands of types of tile available to home owners, and each type of tile will have it's own specific cleaning guidelines and differences. For instance natural tiles, such as limestone, can be soft and they're extremely susceptible to stains, discoloration, and becoming dull over time due to their molecular make up, knowing the differences between the cleaning strategies for each type of tile will make all the difference, when you go with a professional tile cleaning company such as Floor Cleaner Fred, you're getting more than someone with the right equipment for the job, you're getting someone that knows how to clean your specific tile.

We offer tile cleaning services for all types of tile, if you have any concerns about the ability for your specific tile floors, counter tops, back splash, or other tile accents in your home, give us a call or text at (858) 453-4110. We will be happy to guide you through our process, confirm that we can help clean the type of tile that you have in your home, and give you a free estimate for tile and grout cleaning and restoration.

The Best Solution to Your Stone and Tile Cleaning Woes

Hiring a professional stone, tile and grout cleaning service.

At Floor Cleaner Fred we offer our tile, stone, and grout cleaning services at affordable, competitive rates. We're also equipped with the experience and equipment necessary to truly clean your floors.

Our process is simple:

  • We gently clean your tiles using safe, natural solutions.
  • Utilizing truck mount powered suction, and up to 1,200 PSI of spray power, we use on and remove excess water from the tiles to ensure that the dirt and water do not seep into your grout.
  • We use heat and scrubbing via the brush pro in order to release the dirt and grime from the pores deep within your tile and grout.

After we've completed the stone or tile cleaning service we will give you advice and instructions for maintaining your tile and grout clean for years to come.

Fair and On Time!

I had a great experience with Sammy of Floor Cleaner Fred. He responded immediately, worked with my schedule and showed up on time. His quote was fair and didn't change once he arrived. Sammy worked hard and carpets and rugs looked fantastic when he left. We've found our new go to floor cleaner for sure!

Kelli S. San Diego, Ca

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The problem with using a mop for tile, stone, and grout cleaning

The majority of people think that running a mop over their tile or stone floors will make them clean again, and while mopping will definitely help to remove dirt from the surface, it can also be counter active to your tile and grout cleaning efforts. While you're mopping, unless you've taken all of the necessary steps to remove excess dirt, removed your shoes, cleaned any dirt off of your feet, gotten a new mop head, and cleaned your mop bucket thoroughly, you're going to spread dirt.

Additionally, when you're mopping, unless you take the time to clean each tile by itself, not letting water get into the grout, you're going to move water and dirt into your grout, leaving it discolored and dull. This happens because the pores in the grout will capture the wet dirt mixture from the dirt on the surface of the tile and the wet mopping solution.

In order to successfully use a mop for stone, tile, and grout cleaning you'll need to remove the dirt from the surface of the tiles individually, not allowing water and dirt to spill into the grout, using suction along with a cleaning solution to help you to contain the wet mixture of dirt and grime. Once you've successfully cleaned each tiles surface you can mop, but you'll need to take extra care to ensure that your mop head, mopping solution, and all other items that make contact with the tile and the grout are clean the entire time, otherwise you'll potentially do more harm than good.